Friday, October 10, 2008

About authoring articles on this blog

Each member of CAGEY gets author privileges on the CAGEY blog, although we may revoke that if a member uses it inappropriately. I just sent an invitation to be an author to every CAGEY member who emailed me at when you first joined the team. If you did not get an invitation, then please send an email to the address above.

Members are encouraged to post articles that are interesting and informative to members OR to jewelry purchasers. If you write an informative article on your own blog or if you find one elsewhere online, please make a post on the blog linking to it. If you are simply linking to an article, please do not include any bio or other self-promoting material. If you write an informative article and post it in its entirety to the CAGEY blog, you are welcome to include a brief bio and a link to your shop or an etsy mini – a perk for contributing!

Each member is allowed to make one tasteful self-promotional post per month. Please make this a post that people will be interested in reading. Ideas include an overview of new pieces, announcement of a sale, a new technique you learned or some wonderful new stones you got – try to make it read like a newsletter and not just an ad.

If you make a treasury featuring CAGEY members, by all means post the link!

Also, we have our first official thread going over on the etsy forums - please drop by and enter into a discussion!


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